This weekend marks Wes & my 1 year anniversary of being engaged. This time last year, on November 21st 2009, Wes completely shocked me and the majority of his friends and family with this engagement. On Sunday, Wes surprised me with drinks at the Four Seasons where we had dinner on our engagement night. We would have revisited the golf course where he proposed except it was raining, one of the 5 days a year it rains in Arizona. He is constantly surprising and spoiling me.Since we pretty much have everything booked officially for the wedding, I started diving into how we wanted the invitations to look. Thinking I was a head of things, I emailed Laura to see when we should start our invitations. In my mind January for an April wedding would be ideal. I got an email back form her saying she has two April brides whose invitation she was already working on now! WOW, and I thought I was somewhat on top of things. So, I spoke with my mother and Wes, and we started talking about the invitations and how they should look, and what they should say. Goals for next week: Hire a stylist for myself, my mother and sister, book honeymoon and mini moon, and start invitations.PS. My weekend besides dinner and being spoiled on Sunday consisted of back to back episodes of Bridezilla’s for 4 hours straight…can I say hilarious. And that Wes should be happy he has me and my mini meltdowns. Bridezilla moments are only at 1, thus far…and counting, as Wes likes to say. Always with love,Aly