Here is one of my sister’s favorite quotes ” Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the places and moments that take our breath away”- anonymous.I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this past week. Wes & I decided to get away from all the day to day chaos and head up to his parents’ cabin up north right outside of Flagstaff. We had a plan of attack to get some wedding preparations accomplished while we were there. We wanted to book our honeymoon, or at least our flights. Since our wedding is in Santa Barbra and is a destination for us, we are not planning to leave right after our wedding but instead a few weeks after. Our plan is to do a “mini moon” somewhere close to Santa Barbara a few days after and leave mid May for our true honeymoon. We got up to the cabin on Friday afternoon, opened a bottle of wine and started looking into flights and places we may want to visit: Greece, Rome, and France. We had come prepared – we had 2 books with us, Frommer’s Italy Day by Day and 1,000 Places To See Before You Die, that my sister and brother in law had bought for us. After a complete day and almost a half of looking for flights and 4 bottles of wine later we booked our trip!!Here is our game plan (hoping wine didn’t influence our trip too much). We are going to do a tour of Italy for 10 nights and 12 days traveling into Rome and out of Venice. With trips to Capri, Florence, Tuscany and Bologna in between. I could not be more excited with what we chose to do. Now we just need to do all of the little details such hotels, excursions, train tickets – this is going to be so much fun.On another note, my parents are coming into town next week to spend the weekend with us so I’m excited for that. And you just know that means we will be going to see my dress again! Its a must that I go see it and will be good now that I have my jewelry to make sure it goes with the dress. What a great way to end such a great Thanksgiving weekend, looking forward to next weekend with the parents.Always with love,Aly