I can’t remember exactly why I went to Pasadena last Sunday, but in the grand scheme of things, it ended up being completely unimportant. It became all about the Dress! For quite a few years now, I have had a picture of “The Perfect Wedding Dress.” I would have it made and it would be absolutely gorgeous! I did not take into consideration that it was a runway dress, thought up by one of the world’s top designers who has unlimited staff and hours to create such a piece. I sent the picture off to a couple seamstresses and received the exact same feedback from all of them. The dress would end up costing me the same amount as a Kia (not that I want a Kia, but you get the picture.) I came up with a new solution; I’ll have my girlfriend make it. Never mind the fact that she has never sewn a dress in her life and she’d have about four months to get it done; it’ll be great! So I was driving down Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena, when I passed a Bridal Boutique with a dress in the window that had the exact silhouette of the dress my dear friend would be sewing for me. I went in to find out if I could try it on, just to get an idea of the look and also investigate how exactly it was sewn together. The woman at the counter was so accommodating, especially since I didn’t have an appointment! She helped me into the dress and we walked over to the podium. As soon as I stepped onto the podium and looked up at the mirror I fell in love. It was beautiful and far more than I ever anticipated I would want from a dress. It had lace, satin-covered buttons, a fitted bodice, layers and layers of organza (not to be mistaken with tulle, which I was schooled on by my florist…another story for another day.) I decided that this would be the back-up dress, should my girlfriend have too much trouble recreating my “Dream Dress.” Within five minutes of leaving the Bridal Boutique, it was decided that the dress I tried on would be the dress I would wear for my wedding. In those five minutes, I had called my girlfriend and we discussed how much I was asking of her and it didn’t seem reasonable, especially since I had found a dress just as beautiful. She was off the hook and I had a dress picked out. Task number two complete: My dress has been ordered from La Soie Bridal and will arrive for alterations one month prior to our wedding…just in the nick of time!

{sneak peek of the dress!}

With Love,Jenn