I was so excited to have spent some quality time with my parents this past week. I really felt like we got to spend some great quality time together laughing, wedding planning and joking around. It was a great way to break up planning and the everyday to do’s. As excited as I was to see my parents, though, I was just as excited to see my dress again. It has been awhile since I had a chance to take a glimpse of it – at least 6 months. Saturday with my mom and three pairs of earrings, a brooch and my sister’s veil we were off to see my dress at Destiny’s Bridal. I am in love with the Destiny’s Bridal in Scottsdale and my consultant Zoe. She is amazing and the store is flowing with gorgeous dresses.

I was so happy to find “the one” at such a great place, where I do not have to worry about all of those horror stories I have seen on Bridezilla’s. I literally would not get out of my dress for about 45mins. I just wanted to stay in it and play, but the day had to go on. I got my earrings and brooch for my hair picked out and worked with the seamstress on dying my veil, since my something borrowed is my sister’s veil it needs some minor adjusting.As much as I would love to share a glimpse of my wedding dress with you, Wes is keeping in tune with tradition and does not want to see the dress until the big day as I am walking down the aisle, which I am happy with.This weekend we also chose our tasting menu for the wedding, invitation wording, picked a stylist and are a step closer and four bottles down to choosing wine and champagne. I love it when my parents come to town, but I hate it so much when they have to leave. Wes and I are hoping to see them again soon, and before we have the food tasting in February at the Ranch. The countdown has begun – we are at 146 days till the “big event.”Always with love,Aly