This week has started my “OMG I am getting married moments!”. I am not sure why has just started now, maybe because I have just realized how much stuff I actually still have to do, but I feel like my list keeps growing. I woke up last night, like other nights this week, in a nightmare state of mind that my napkins were not folded correctly…yes, seriously. Please, tell me I am not the only bride-to-be out there stressing about all of the small and (to some) stupid details. This is also the first week that I realized I may not be able to do this without a planner or day of organizer. I had a few phone calls and email exchanges with a few wedding professionals that I may end up hiring just to make my day less stressful, or maybe I am just “having a moment” like my mom is saying I am having!!!While all of my vendors may be hired here is what is running through my head continuously and keeping me up at night: Who is going to make sure my place cards are correct, why did I agree to buy all of my flower containers, invitations have to be sent out, guest count, who will be there to have the rentals delivered and correctly placed, who is going to fold my napkins and place my menus, who is going to tell the musician to play my first dance song, what is my first dance song going to be, father daughter dance song, I hope everyone has fun, what are my signature drinks going to be, hope my dress still fits, will I forget anything…. someone please tell me I am not crazy!Then I sit back and have a breath and look at my nephew’s pictures and think how adorable he is going to look in his little suit and converse sneakers. Right now he eases my wedding mind with all of my to do list chaos…Oh how I just want to hang out with him and blow bubbles and ride in his new hummer. I can’t believe he is almost two. Crazy how times flies…..

Always with love,Aly