Wedding planning this week has been crazy and the most funny of all thus far…..Wes signed us up for our first private dance to take place Saturday at 4pm with dinner set for after. We did our usual Saturday routine – gym, cleaning and then at 2:45pm I decided to take a nap, thinking I would be up way in time to make it to class. At 3:45pm Duke barked, waking me up, and I frantically tried to find Wes, yelling at him that we were going to be late. What comes out of my mouth next is “What do I wear?” If anyone knows me really well, I always have to be dressed appropriately. So, I channeled my inner “Dancing with the Stars” moments and thought they wear gym clothes! I got changed into my Lululemon outfit and Wes did the same. Then Wes asked where our music was thinking I had done it and I had been thinking he had done it!!! NO. We then both had our diva/wedding stress moments of frantically trying to find our music all over the house. It was now 4:15pm and we were soooo late and now mad at each other since we couldn’t find our music anywhere. We started panicking and Wes called Robert (our dance instructor… now mind you Wes booked 2 prior classes and forgot about them) who suggested to Wes that we change the lesson utnil the next day at 2pm. Wes and I agreed that that time would work much better, we would definitely have our music found by then. As I walked out of the room I heard Wes say “OOOO (not nice word)” the playoff games are tomorrow and right in the middle of that time. I started laughing hysterically at this point, and am thinking to myself revenge is sweet especially when it is during football season.Saturday night after arguing and then laughing about it we decompressed with “date night” at a new French restaurant in town.

Sunday was the day! We were not going to miss this lesson for anything. I agreed to go to the sports bar with Wes to watch the 1st half of the game. While we were there I felt the need to have some liquid courage for myself to get through the lesson so I had a shot of tequila and two beers and for Wes two IPA’s on draft, his favorite. We arrived promptly at 2pm, to Robert’s surprise.

As we walked in it was like watching “Dancing with the Stars” times twelve. We were rushed to the back of the studio and began our introductory class with Robert and Heide. To all of our surprise we were actually pretty good. We picked out our wedding song, that we are keeping a secret and the style of dancing that we wanted to do. It was so much fun, we actually got pretty into it. And we also booked lesson #2. Till then we will continue practicing.

Always with love,Aly