As the days are counting down to the wedding I start thinking about all of the little details. This week I started focusing on the “out-of-towner” welcome bags to give our guests upon arrival to their hotel. I have been searching online to find out what exactly I should be putting in these bags and this is what I came up with. I am in love with the way Navy and Lavender and pulled some ideas from them; here is what I have come up with so far. 1. First, I had to find something to put all of the goodies in. I had Laura Hooper create a tote bag for my guests that they would be able to keep and remember our day by.

{a Laura Hooper Calligraphy tote – no, not mine!}

2. Include information on the wedding itself and all of the events surrounding it. Wes and I are going to create some information and get it printed up of all of the top things to do in the Santa Barbra area: eat, drink and play. As well as what time the welcome dinner and brunch are. 3. Make sure there is magic for the morning. I will be including Advil or Tylenol of some sort to help my guests that may have consumed too much alcohol.

4. Hydration. I will be sure to put water in the bag as well as a wine from our favorite vineyard up in that region.5. Something to nibble on. I will be adding my and Wes’s favorite candies to the bags as well as some chips and protein bars.I am sure I will stuff more things in these bags, but that is at least a start in the right direction. Still to do: order vintage stamps for invitations, mail invitations, order chair rentals for the ceremony, and book hotels for the honeymoon. Oh how things add up.Always with Love, Aly