Overwhelmed is the way I have felt this whole week. Overwhelmed on what I am to do next…. I feel like I have done all of my planning, forking over checks to vendors, and now I am (still…) focusing on all of the small things. I started a list for myself so I would try not to miss anything, and I keep going back and forth on everything from flower containers to lighting. Wes has told me he has stopped asking me questions, as I am constantly changing my mind. I seriously think I have bought 5 different types of flower containers but still can not decided on a look. So in hopes that I can possibly come to a decision, I have decided to sit down and create an inspiration board of weddings and things I love. Next step  is to finally call my florist back and discuss with him everything I need to add…Here are just a few of my favorite inspiring ideas!

I would list my to do list but it gives me anxiety!Till next week which is “Love” week,Aly