The time had come to pick out sweet treats and I can guarantee you there was no holding back. The baker was one of the few vendors I did not have prior experience with, as I decided to go with a bakery local to the venue. I have no idea why I chose to go this route, but I have a sneaking suspicion it may have to do with having a place to escape on my wedding day, should the mothers and maids and vendors send me over the edge (just kidding mom!) I set up an appointment with Truly Madly Sweetly Bake Shop, based solely on the pictures on their website. I brought my girlfriend along, as Stephen simply likes white cake with white frosting. There’s no need to waste peanut butter cheesecake pops on him, right? We walked in to the shop and I couldn’t help but notice the décor was the exact look of my wedding. It was perfect and I hadn’t even tried the cake yet! We met the entire staff (a fabulously family-owned shop) and they began to bring out treats. We started with cupcakes… then cheesecakes…then cookies…then cheesecake pops…MILK PLEASE!!!


After tasting everything the bakery ever created (or at least it seemed), we began discussing with the assistant what treats would complement each other best on a dessert bar. We even came up with a few items not available at the bakery that the Pastry Chef was more than happy to make for the big day. Our assistant then asked if I had a calligrapher that would be making signs for all the treats. The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind that I’d need to identify the desserts, but of course I have one. I can’t wait to discuss the signing options with Laura, who happens to be quite creative with all things wedding! A contract was written up and signed and we were off…to the closest pillow for a nap.Task number three complete: Truly Madly Sweetly Bake Shop will be baking many sweet treats for our reception and I can’t wait!With Love,Jenn