We got our invitations and vintage stamps this week. I was like a kid in the candy store opening up all of my packages from Laura, trying not to rip anything and forbidding Wes to touch them as I knew he would get them dirty, he is a boy! This all after a crazy week and an even busier weekend. We could have not fit more things in this week. Besides work we squeezed in dance lessons, celebrating Valentine’s day, wine tasting with friends and honeymoon planning.

{wine tasting at Page Springs}

By Sunday night when we sat down to do our stamps on our envelopes I just sat there looking at a ton of vintage stamps – like many brides, I have chosen the route of vintage stamps and to make each one different. While still sitting there an hour later I had to ponder…WHY??? Why did I decide to do this? (Brides to be reading this, if you’re thinking about doing this…seriously double and triple think this. It’s incredibly time consuming, gorgeous but time consuming). Wes sat down next to me to help, and I still just sat there with a blank look on my face. He goes okay, we need to figure out if we need more…sure enough my little mathematician was correct I was $12.16 short on my postage. So, I logged onto Etsy and found my girl on Verde Studio who I used prior and purchased more stamps. Hopefully they come soon as we so need to get these invitations out, time is ticking. But, in the meantime we continued with HOW are we going to do this; we separated the out of towner’s and started there. After eight response envelopes later, I hit my wall. I had to stop, Wes not understanding why. I am a self proclaimed perfectionist and it drives me insane if things are not straight and perfect. So althought he was trying his best to help me, I think for the sake of our upcoming nuptials that I should do this project by myself! So, Wes I apologize for not being grateful for you helping me out.Looking forward to getting these invitations out, asap. Goal is by Friday!

Always with Love,Aly