My parents are in town this week and I am super excited to have my mom here to help me on a few things. It is really the first time we have had the time together since beginning to plan the wedding that we have had more than a weekend to go over things and finalize all of the little details like shoes, accessories, menus, drinks etc. We are currently working on wording for Laura to start calligraphy. I am sure, Laura will be super happy if we could get some of the reception calligraphy pieces done as soon as possible. I promise we are working on them Laura! We have sent over a few things to her already for some small details and are just waiting on a few response cards that are slowly coming in, only missing about four which is not too bad. 

Also, over this past week a really good family friend from Canada was in town and she and her daughter hosted a magnificent engagement/pre-wedding party for us at The Royal Palms hotel in Phoenix. She rented us a private room and it was so intimate and just perfect (by no means did it help me, as I am trying to stick to an eating/workout plan). This probably would have been the place we would have gotten married at if we decided to have a local Arizona wedding. She had a chance to meet Wes’ parents before the wedding which is great as she is one of our closest friends and like an aunt to my sister and me. My parents have known her as well as her family for over 30 years. We had a blast and the food was amazing.
This coming week I have invited her and her daughter Madison to come and see my dress with me and help me figure out my wedding shoes as I have another pair arriving tommorrow. I also set my final hair coloring appointment, eye brow waxing, and dress fitting appointment this weekend. My to do list is all getting checked off. I cannot believe it is only 47 day away now. I know I always say this but time is just flying by!
Oh, and I surprised my dad with dance lessons!
Always with love,