I do not think I have had more contact via email with someone in my entire life in one week as I have had with Laura over this past week. I have realized we work really well together later in the evening; specifically 5pm when we speak via email the most. Over the past week we have collaborated on ideas…more of Laura’s ideas then mine of course. She meshed our save the dates and wedding invitations with all of our ceremony and reception pieces for the wedding. I have received my UPS tracking number from Laura for delivery on Wednesday and the day can not come soon enough for almost all of my pieces to come! It is going to have so much stuffed into one box: place cards, menus, and so many more goodies that are surprises.I worked on updating our website over this weekend with some new pictures and updates on dress code, welcome dinner and farewell brunch information. The website we chose to go with was wedsite.com. It is such an easy and dummy proof site, I love it as I am technically challenged sometimes. We even have our own personalized web addres http://www.alyandwes.com/. The site is a great way to update our guests on what is going on. We have already gotten so many compliments on it, so for the guests who read it and see the updates, “Thank You”! Plus, it was so much fun to put together and let everyone near and far know how Wes and I met as well as the proposal story.

We are making great headway on marking things off Wes & my to do list. One of the largest tasks is the seating chart for the wedding. But since we only have a total of 44 people coming to the wedding, it wasn’t too hard. We may have a few revisions last minute, but I think we did a pretty good job for the first go around! Our photographer is working with us on our wedding day timeline, and I think I finally feel that things are all falling into place. Only a few more major things, but I am so relieved to have the reception stationery items out of the way.Also this week I signed up for unlimited Bikram yoga for a month. I am so excited to start going, although petrified I will not make it through my first class! If you have never tried Bikram before I highly recommend it, you will hate every minute of the 90 minute class but when you’re done you come out like a new person.Days till wedding: 31Always with love,Aly