Over the past week I have learned that I do not roll with the punches very well. If only a few things could have gone right this week it would have been great, but if it wasn’t one thing going wrong it was another. I will not go into great details because if I start the list it could go on for awhile but SERIOUSLY you have got to be kidding me!! I so needed a wedding planning time out. Thank goodness for a friend’s birthday on Saturday. It was exactly what I needed…a time out! I have started my piles of wedding things in the office. We now can barely move at all in the room, and I have no idea how we are going to get all of this stuff to Santa Barbara! We have finished up the majority of everything for the wedding day itself. Everything else, not so much (that would be under the category of nothing going right this week). The timeline has been created with the photographer for the whole day, hair and make up is confirmed to make us girls get pretty and all of the wedding tote bag goodies have been delivered. I know I still have so many things to do, but on this week’s agenda is to figure out songs to have the musicians play at the wedding. Some of the ones I think I really like are (and, no, this list does not include our 1st dance song):”Chasing Pavement” Adele”Marry Me” Maroon Five”I’m Yours” Jason Mraz”Moondance” Van Morrison”Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Baby” Barry White”Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” The PoliceOur “Welcome” sign created from Laura came in this past week. I’m so excited to put it up for all the guests to see. We have so many more things coming this week in the mail, I am going to be excited to get home from my week long Vegas work trip to open up all the boxes! Here is a pic of our “Cocktails” sign!

Always with love,Aly