This is my last entry as a “single” girl. As much as that brings me joy, it also brings me sadness as I have looked forward to sending over my blog to Laura every Sunday evening, recapping my wedding events and to do’s for the week. People always ask me what I am going to do when this whole wedding is over, and I can finally say I am going to go on my honeymoon and relax, and not worry about if napkins have been printed or what flowers were picked out and just “breathe”. As the week winds down so many things have just fallen into place. We have now begun packing for our trip out to Santa Barbara on Thursday. From the moment we land in Santa Barbara, we will be up and running with things to do, and we will enjoy and embrace every moment as they will go by in the flash of a light and we will wonder where the whole year of planning has gone! Everything is all set and the timeline has been printed, confirmed and reconfirmed. My dress has been pressed, picked up and is off at the Colgan’s house so Wes does not peak! Now I just hope that I have packed everything I need…and want. I am so excited to see everyone near and far that is coming for the wedding. 
Till next week, when I share my wedding photos with you.
Always with love, for the last time as a “single” girl.