This is the week that I started putting together all the details I’ve thought up and found. I love the finer details of events. When helping set up parties, Stephen often asks me things such as, “Why don’t we just throw the drinks in an ice chest?” Gasp, I could never do that! There’s a reason my friends call me Martha Stewart. The drinks were selected based on the look of the bottles and must be displayed in a beverage bucket. Seriously.I started working out the details in my head the instant I got engaged. I knew how time-consuming the process could be, so as soon as I thought of an idea, I called my mom and put her to work. I can think things up in my head, but she is far more creative and resourceful when it comes to creating them. The first thing I put my mom to work on was finding pink depression glass candle holders. Using her “resourcefullness,” she immediately passed the job on to my step-father, who happens to be a pro at Ebay shopping. Who knew? He has done a wonderful job finding the most beautiful candleholders. I am so excited!

But it doesn’t end with candle holders. That is just the beginning of my detail-oriented madness! There are the shoes, the jewelry, the linens, the hair and on and on. One of my more recent projects has been to create something ruffle-like that will go from chair to chair down the isle, without looking like yards of fabric pulled from one end to the other. I say “my” project, though it’s my mother who is sitting in front of a sewing machine trying to read my mind and create samples. What would I do without her?

And then there are the invitations. I have no worries when it comes to those, as Laura is in charge and her creativity far outweighs mine. I am so excited to get together with Laura to talk about invitations. I am sure they will be fabulous, as her work defines “the finer details.”I have to admit, this is the part of wedding planning I love. It feels like I’m putting together (with the help of SO many) the most special party of my life, my wedding.With Love,Jenn