My venue mailing to be put into the hands of the USPS tomorrow, I am moving along on my list of items to cross off…while, of course, adding others.
Advice to be heeded if you can: STOP LOOKING AT WEDDING WEBSITES AND MAGAZINES a month before your wedding or you will decide to buy/do/create things that, really, you could have been just fine without.

I didn’t heed my own advice.

Our wedding day was predicted to be hot, and would also be outdoors, so we decided to have little bottles of Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite in tubs for our guests to drink when they arrived for the ceremony. I saw the striped straws in some magazine, and not being able to find them anywhere, one of my favorite websites of all tiem……came to the rescue.

Pink striped straws in hand, now I had to create the cute little flags that everyone sees on them, attach them to the straws, and find a cute display cup for them as well.

Easier said than done.

One of many items left on my ToDo list, I still was without dresses for my daughters, so I had to follow-up with the manufacturer as to their whereabouts. We are now about a month out & I needed those dresses in case they needed alterations locally. After contacting them, I was told they’d be shipping before the July 4 holiday in plenty of time for alterations, if needed.

Last-minute items were coming from Laura, beautiful though they were, that also meant more work: menus, programs, table signs.

I swear, I LOVE my wedding design, I love my dress, I love the colors, I love my fiance… I was not loving the final days of details I no longer felt like keeping up with. I needed a second wind and one was not to be found, though I had to finish things up, so I had no choice. I was not bridezilla, I was bridexhausted. One month, one day & counting…

Until next time,

“There is a great deal of satisfaction to be found
in the complete exhaustion left behind by a job well done.”