I’m a “List” girl. I always have been, probably always will be. Would you believe I have not yet assembled one list for my wedding, which happens to be in less than three months? It was high time I sat down and organized all those thoughts floating around in my head. I needed to create lists of items to purchase, people to call on, things to do, etc., etc., etc.I decided to compile lists by the different events of the Big Day… Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Dinner and Reception. Oh, look at me go. The “Reception” list was the first I tackled, as this is the part of the evening I’m most excited about. With one list down, I needed a break. That was the wrong move. I should’ve put my head down and pushed through, but that blinking red light on my Blackberry was screaming my name. Of course it was…my girlfriend wanted to know if I would like to go see “Sex And The City”…right then. Heck yeah! Who wouldn’t want more inspiration, right? And I’ll get the rest of the lists done later. It is a three-day weekend after all. I WILL get these darn lists done tomorrow. I MUST.

I sat down to begin again this morning…and Stephen called. “You want to head down to the wineries today?” He’s been working a ton of overtime (he’s a Firefighter, which means 24 hour shifts and a serious lack of “us” time) so I couldn’t pass up hanging out with my man. Maybe Memorial Day Weekend wasn’t the best time to get the “To Do-Buy-Set up-Call on” lists done. Oh well, carpe diem!With Love, Jenn