When I first started thinking about the “look” of the ladies in our wedding party, I found myself spending endless hours browsing online for the perfect shoes. I want the women to look and feel sexy, and nothing does that quite like a beautiful pair of heels. So I decided the ladies would wear little black dresses and each choose a different pair of blush colored pumps. I immediately shared the idea with my girlfriend Rachel. We love shoes and will stop at nothing to find the perfect pair. Pumps, platforms and wedges are our best friends. The more daring the shoe, the more willing to try it on we are! Twice now, Rachel and I have gone bridal party dress shopping and twice now, we’ve ended up diverting our dress shopping attention to shoe-shopping. Our latest shopping trip proved to be a huge success, as we found the perfect shoes for Rachel, my flower girl and me! Oh Nordstroms, you never disappoint!

Now we simply have to come up with coordinating pairs for two more beautiful women I am excited to have next to me on our wedding day. Wish us luck in finding them before the fall line comes in and the blush heels are cleared out!With Love,Jenn