I love shopping. Seriously, I love it so much that I was overwhelmed when it came time to pick out where to register. There are so many options and I wanted to choose wisely. I decided to come up with a list of household items we do not currently have and often run to our neighbor’s house to borrow. I also talked to a girlfriend who offered me a great bit of advice. She told me to not just think about the present, but also about the future. Would we be hosting holiday dinners in the future? Would we want fine china or flatware to pass down? This advice and the list I created helped to narrow down our store options. I decided to register for fine china at Macy’s and serving & entertaining pieces at Pottery Barn. I headed off to the stores to begin our registries (I laughingly invited Stephen along and he gave me the “Are you kidding; I’m the guy that doesn’t understand why we don’t just put the drinks in an ice-chest” look.) I checked in with a sales lady at Pottery Barn, who graciously set up our registry. After entering all our information, she went to the stockroom to get a scanner. She handed me the scanner and began to instruct me how to use it. I didn’t hear a word she said, as I was preoccupied with flashbacks of my past career in retail, working 14 hour nights scanning millions of tags for inventory. As soon as I saw that red light and heard the beep, I wanted to throw the scanner down and run, but I had to get through this. Thankfully I went online ahead of time and accumulated a list of items I potentially wanted to register for, so I did not have to hang out with that horrible scanning device for long (yes, the memories are THAT bad.) After finishing up at Pottery Barn, I decided I would go to Macy’s and simply star the items on the list I created browsing their website, and then go back home and register online. I really did not want to spend another hour with a scanner and I was getting pretty tired. To my surprise, when I arrived at Macy’s there was a Starbucks Store inside. I ordered a latte, pulled out my list and pen and began browsing the store. When I finished browsing, I returned home and registered online. I am so thankful for the internet (and Starbucks!) With Love (and total shopping exhaustion),Jenn