Lately I’ve realized that there are a lot of stressful things that go along with wedding planning, but the stressful part is thinking about all that you have to do. Once you actually are doing it it’s usually very fun. It’s just the “finding time do things” part that is difficult. One fun thing I got to do this past weekend is take my engagement photos! I am SO fortunate that one of my best friends (and one of my bridesmaids!) is the very talented wedding photographer Colby Poppleton of Colby Elizabeth Photography. Visit her site to see some of her amazing work!

While the engagement shoot was very fun (more on that in a bit) the day leading up to the shoot was EXTREMELY stressful. I’ll try to make this short – first off I had a wedding in Julian, CA the night before (3 hours from LA), and as we were leaving Julian, Ben’s car would not start. We finally got it started and were on our way home when we encountered a freeway closure that added about an hour to the drive. We finally made it to my parent’s house in Orange County (about an hour from LA) because my mom had rented a vintage dress for me to wear in the shoot. I tried the dress on, zipped it up, and the zipper got stuck. I was literally stuck in the dress for about an hour. My dad had to use his surgeon skills to fix the zipper and I was finally able to take it off. This made me late for my hair appointment, which of course took longer than I thought, so then we were late leaving for the shoot, which was in LA at the Griffith Park Observatory where we got engaged. We finally got there an hour after we were supposed to start. My amazing sister Molly came along and did my make up in the car. When we got to the observatory there were so many people there that we had to park about a mile away and walk. Since so much time had passed all of the curls in my hair fell out. Needless to say when we finally started shooting I was NOT in the mood and not feeling my best.

However, Colby and her husband David are truly talented photographers who have really seen it all and know exactly how to make a couple at ease and make the best out of any situation. After about 5 minutes of shooting I felt totally comfortable and happy to be there. Ben is not one who likes to pose for photos and even he had a good time! My sister Molly and bridesmaid Amanda were also there to make sure my hair and clothing were looking their  best! Colby was nice enough to share a few preview photos with me and I am so happy with them. At the end of the day I really realized how grateful I am to have so many good friends and family members around me to celebrate my marriage to Ben. I can’t wait for the big day!

To see more from Sarah & Ben’s engagement shoot, visit the Colby Elizabeth Photography blog!