I am lucky enough to have not one but TWO flower girls. One is my cousin’s adorable daughter Harper and the other one is Ben’s niece Julia. Harper will be 2 ½ by the wedding and Julia will be almost 10, so Julia will be holding Harper’s hand as they walk down the aisle. Since there are SO many other details to consider I honestly had not thought about what the flower girls would wear, but of course my superwoman mom was thinking about this, and found the perfect dresses for them both to wear.

This weekend my mom was visiting her high school friend Sue in Oregon. Sue is going to do the flowers for the wedding, and is an overall crafty person so my mom was very excited to talk wedding details with her.

While they were running errands at Target, they came across this amazing dress that would be perfect for my flower girls!

They thought if we took off the flower and added the navy fabric from the bridesmaids dress’s sash it would go perfectly with the theme. I don’t like the bridesmaid dress sash and was going to have my bridesmaids throw this away so this was a great idea. The only problem was that they did not have the dress in a large enough size for Ben’s niece Julia.

Sue to the rescue! She is a very talented seamstress and offered to use two of the dresses to create a larger size for Julia. Now my two beautiful bridesmaids will be matching! Can’t wait to see them in the dress!