I’ve clearly been slacking a bit on the maid of honor posts – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working away as one! We scheduled a date for Alyssa’s wedding shower that will be hosted by myself and her three other bridesmaids and even selected a venue. One of the bridesmaids lives out of state, so we wanted to be sure that we picked a weekend she could fly in. She has known Lys since they were two years old and her mom is also hosting a shower (for our mom’s friends), so we wanted to do them on the same weekend so she could be at both – and we were actually able to find a date that works for everyone!
With the shower still four months away, we don’t have to delve into the logistics quite yet, but it’s handy to look over a timeline/checklist for planning this important day! TheKnot.com is just one of many wedding planning websites that offers tips for hosting the bridal shower. This basic checklist is really useful and worth a look if you’ll be planning any showers this wedding season (or to bookmark for your future use!). This list of 10 To-Dos for the Bridal Party also provides useful information from how to choose the guests to whether or not you are supposed to buy a gift for the bride even if you are hosting the shower (hint: you are!).
We’ve also started to think about the shower theme or colors, and you can look through wedding websites for lots of ideas if you don’t know what direction to go!
Happy planning!