Laura’s wedding plans are coming along nicely, and with Laura and Beth Helmstetter handling all of the details, it’s going to be so gorgeous! I’ve helped out with a few logistical tasks such as the seating, music selection, contacting the guests for their meal selections and the “must-have” photography list. These easy jobs are just up my alley (as an event planner) and I am happy to help out – with the artistic talents of Laura and Beth…there is little else to do!My mom and sister recently came down to San Diego for a girl’s weekend visit. We were so happy to have sunny so-cal weather, and I was very excited for my canine “nephew” Kepler to be visiting!

We enjoyed brunch at a Del Mar cottage then went shopping with one specific goal…to find earrings for Laura to wear at her wedding! We scoured tons of boutique shops and multiple department stores as well. We had nearly given up after about three hours of shopping, but I made us go into one last store, and we are so glad we did since we found the perfect earrings!After our shopping excursion, we enjoyed a cocktail hour and early dinner before taking Laura’s puppy to the local dog beach! The fun thing about San Diego is that people take their dogs everywhere, so Kepler was able to shop and hang out with us all day.

After our productive day, we even went home and worked on assembling Laura’s wedding programs! All-in-all it was a really fun girls weekend…and happened to be while my husband and Laura’s fiance were off in Vegas for the bachelor party! I bought a couple dresses for Hawaii, as did Laura, and we are all getting really excited for the upcoming wedding and time in Hawaii.Yours truly,Alyssa