For Alyssa and Ryan’s wedding, our first real meeting was with Beth Helmstetter over at the Event Studio in November. Parties in attendance were my mother, the Bride of course, and me. The Groom to be is off in Oklahoma, training for his new job in San Diego until just before Christmas. My primary observation is that there sure is a lot that goes into planning a wedding that you would never even think about. My mother and sister were more than happy to hand the reins over to Beth to control all the mundane details and logistics for the event itself. Since I have no idea what goes into planning a wedding, I am pretty much just tagging along for fun since I know most of the vendors we are using already.

We started off the meeting with Beth diligently taking down notes of all Alyssa’s (and our mom’s) ideas and visions for the wedding. After discussing colors, officiants, music, bridal party, hotels, catering, bar and flowers for at least 2 hours, my sis was actually all talked out! At the end of the day she knows that pretty much anything Beth produces is going to look amazing, and if I remember correctly the phrase “oh Beth, whatever you think will be perfect,” was used at least a dozen times! I’m also fairly certain that Ryan, is pretty happy to be temporarily relocated to Oklahoma for 5 weeks so he doesn’t have to deal with these things!