A few posts back, I mentioned how excited I am that my sister opted to go with the bridesmaid dress that I had picked out ~ well they just arrived and the color is gorgeous {It’s really nice to see what this “Caspian Blue” color actually looks like, too.} As you can imagine, I am equally excited that she also liked the same stunning shoes as me to go with it! We went to DSW and found the shoes right up at the front of the store. It was so simple! I love that we have a similar taste, she trusts my judgement, and that her other two bridesmaids are pleased as well. I definitely think having a smaller group, full of laid back ladies, has helped to keep the stress level low.We also got the engagement party invitations out and every day we excitedly check the mail for RSVPs! Some people have even written cute little messages on them so it makes receiving them very fun. Amazingly, we are only waiting to hear back from 3 people if they are coming and the RSVP date is the 8th. In some spare time, we created matching menus for the party {don’t worry, we’ll post pictures after the date} and we’ve been tossing around some ideas about the decor. The room is already really “colorful” so there isn’t much we can do in that regard, but Beth and I are handling that aspect on our own. It’s just fun looking forward to the first party celebrating the upcoming wedding ~ I can’t wait!Other than these few shopping highlights and getting ready for the engagement party, we haven’t done much wedding planning ~ we’ve just enjoyed having Lissy and Ryan home for the Holidays. I’m pretty sure now that we’ve entered the new year, we’ll start nailing down more vendors and start thinking about print materials {my personal favorite!}, so I’m very excited to see what 2010 brings!