The Bachelorette WeekendSeveral months ago the planning of the Bachelorette Party came up. My dad alerted us to the fact that UCLA was playing Texas in college football in Austin, Texas and would anyone be interested in going. Alyssa isn’t into the whole crazy Vegas thing (which not surprisingly is where the groom is as we speak!) and she’s been wine tasting on several occasions, but she is definitely into college football. So, my sister and a couple friends who attended UCLA thought this would be the perfect way to spend her bachelorette. I received a text about it and agreed. I immediately booked 2 flights for Alyssa and myself into Austin and a within a week or so booked the hotel rooms, estimating that we’d probably have about 8-10 girls who were able to go.Finally the day to leave arrived and I ended up on the same flight as a couple of Alyssa’s girlfriends, LeAnn and Sheila. We got to Austin and waited for Alyssa’s flight to come in from San Diego before catching a cab to the hotel.

Once at the hotel we changed for a fun night at a bar or two and a late dinner.

The next day was all about football. At the last minute, Ashley and I decided to have cute shirts made for the 10 girls who were coming. Alyssa of course got a special shirt and was completely surprised by the adorable shirts we had made (thank goodness for my printers- they pulled this off in less than 3 days flat!). The shirts ended up coming in handy though – it was easy to keep our group together in the crazy sea of burnt orange jerseys and other Longhorn paraphernalia.

The stadium was within walking distance from our hotel, and that morning it was so exciting. Fans and tailgaters were everywhere! People were selling shirts and drinks and food along the streets – it was really an amazing experience. Being that it was supposed to be a blowout (in favor of Texas) it was a pleasant surprise when UCLA took an early lead and was able to win the game….

That night it was another night out on the town with a fabulous dinner at La Condesa and the swanky bar upstairs, Malverde, followed by brunch the next morning and afternoon flights back to our respective cities.

{the beautiful bride in ivory!}

All in all, a successful Bachelorette weekend!