The Stationery The past few weeks leading up to the wedding have been all about stationery. It’s been an endless flow of emails back and forth between Beth, Alyssa, my mom, and myself. I definitely have had a vision in my mind which has been sculpted into the final details as the day approaches. Here are a couple of first drafts from the simpler signs at the wedding.

I now have a list of items that I’ve been diligently crossing off as I go: Letterpress menus – check, order custom escort cards and signage – check, construct the large wooden signage for around the venue – check….it goes on and on.

I still have a variety of things left to do and I’m starting to feel the pressure. Early on my dad and I had a “talk” about making sure my little sis got whatever she wanted – well, I think she’s gotten that, and then some! There are so many ideas I’ve been wanting to try out, but haven’t gotten to – so my sister is my little guinea pig in that respect. Beth and I have also been chatting back and forth about the rehearsal dinner stationery. We’re excited about this as well and have been working with Janet (Ryan’s mom) on how to make this night perfect, too! We did the invites and loved collaborating to get the perfect design!

Also good news – we learned that Steve Steinhardt is going to shoot the rehearsal dinner so we’re sure to have amazing photos to remember that night after the fact.