The gorgeous letterpressed menus arrived last week and we got the darling programs back from the printers and I’m thrilled with the result. They are a smaller, folding program and we’ve decided to tie them up with twine. There are just under 100 of them and my mom and her best friend in town for the wedding will be doing the twine assembly themselves. Everyone is chipping in to help with this fete!The bride-to-be and I will be trying to relax and heading to the hotel tonight. Tomorrow we have morning massages and then we’re meeting up with other bridesmaids for manicures and pedicures over champagne and chit chat. Everyone in the wedding party will receive special itineraries outlining the schedule from the rehearsal through the wedding preparations the following day – we wouldn’t expect anything less from an extremely organized person such as my little sister!The excitement is building…just two more days!