Alyssa actually had two showers and the first one was great, because all I had to do was show up!It was thrown by our longtime family friend Bonnie, and was attended by Ryan’s mom, Janet, our mother’s close friends, and our grandmother, as well as the other Bridesmaids and myself. Bonnie had the shower at Marmalade Café in Sherman Oaks and there were cupcakes and a delightful array of entrees on the menu to choose from. We enjoyed a delicious brunch, mingled and chatted.

After the luncheon – Alyssa opened gifts and I diligently took notes so she could promptly send her thank you notes….and promt she was – I received mine just a few days later in the mail!The shower weekend was a great way to rev things up before the wedding and everyone is so excited! I can’t believe the wedding is almost here….only 5 days to go!