Okay so, I honestly thought that when my lil sis got engaged things were going to be a lot more difficult, but thus far, the blushing Bride to be has been pretty agreeable to work with. I mean, my sister is a lovely girl but is she is definitely a Type A personality. However, she’s been really diplomatic about the process thus far. In November, I sent Alyssa a link to a really cute bridesmaid’s dress option and she really liked it. She had been browsing around, but when she saw it, she said, this color would work perfectly with her palette and I was ordering them for me and the other two bridesmaids literally the following day. The great thing is, they are formal enough for her vintage-inspired, vineyard theme, but I know I would be able to wear my dress again without a doubt (every bridesmaid’s dream, right?)Regarding the palette, if you are following my sister’s bride to be series on Beth Helmstetter’s blog, you might have heard about the little snag in the original color scheme. I swear that since my sister was 12-years-old she’s been planning a green and brown wedding (it would go perfect with her beautiful red hair after all) but Ryan (the groom) announced almost immediately that he wanted to wear a grey suit. I calmly suggested that maybe we let Ryan get his wish about something and we do a grey, cream, and “caspian blue” ~ yes, the wedding is based on a made-up JCrew color…so Alyssa ~ theme instead (as it would work so well for the stationery, of course) and I was surprised my sister even entertained the thought, let alone agreed to it just a few minutes later!I guess my point here is that I’m really happily surprised that my sister values my opinion so much. Growing up, we did not always see eye to eye. Aside from our obvious differences in looks (me with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, and her being fair skinned, with fiery red hair and blue/green eyes) we were very, very different people, with very different tastes. Alyssa definitely likes to be in control of what is going on but thus far she’s been pretty open to hearing everyone’s ideas and opinions (ie, Beth’s, our mom’s and mine….and even Ryan’s too).So far, we’ve chosen the bridesmaids dresses, the venue, “the dress,” the photographer, and a few other details and the process has been really fun since I’ve been invited to tag along to all these meetings – something I don’t normally get to see because my job involves such a small facet of what actually goes into planning a wedding. I look forward to watching this all unfold over the next 10 months!