Calligraphy set for beginners, do I need one to learn pointed-pen? 

Short answer: Yes. Find our starter kit + video tutorial here!

Longer answer. Yes, we very highly recommend a quality calligraphy kit with tools curated for beginners and detailed instructions on how to actually use them. We’ve heard from countless beginners over the years who have tried to learn calligraphy on their own only to find that they “can’t do calligraphy”. This makes us so sad because in reality it’s more likely that they don’t have the right combination of tools to be successful in pointed-pen as not all inks and paper combinations will work well. Some nibs are better for beginners than others, and those might not be what your favorite calligrapher, who has been doing this for a decade or more, is using. This is precisely why we first developed our starter kit for pointed-pen calligraphy back in 2013. We want you to actually enjoy the art and be set up for success with this skill.

Pointed-pen calligraphy is not easy. It takes patience and dedicated practice – but it starts with the right quality tools.

Our starter kit + video tutorial is specifically curated with tools that we already know will work well together for beginners. The curriculum covered in the instructional book is the same as what we cover in our workshops – it’s detailed, it’s down-to-earth, and it’s been fine-tuned over the past six years of teaching beginners at our in-person workshops. The key to improving with calligraphy is practice, but first you need to learn about the tools and how to actually use them. Our starter kit covers the tools of pointed-pen calligraphy – how they work & how to get them to work for you – then moves into practice strokes and then covers a full beginner alphabet upper and lower case. Every letter, close up footage, stroke-by-stroke. The beginner alphabet is a more modern script style, but ultimately once you learn how to use the tools of pointed pen, you can study either more modern styles or more traditional styles. 

Even if you’ve tried to learn calligraphy on your own without success, we still recommend giving our starter kit + video tutorial a try. You might find that with the right combination of high quality tools, you too can succeed with this beautiful art form.

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