{Elegance Script}I recently got a request for a post about how to assemble your invitations, so here is how you should stuff your envelopes once you get them back from your calligrapher {me}:1. Your invitation lays face up as the bottom piece.2.Place any tissue over the invitation.3. Slip your reply card face up under its envelope flap {be sure to affix first class postage to the front of your reply envelope}

4. Reply envelope is placed address side down so the reply card text faces up.5. Layer the other inserts {reception card, your adorable custom map or directions, and reply set} on top of the invitation with the largest item at the bottom and smallest item on top.6. Insert all pieces into calligraphed inner envelope with the top of the invitation to the left side {inner envelopes are traditional, but not always included with invitation sets}

7. Turn the inner envelope over to expose your guests’ names and insert into your calligraphed outer envelope.

8. You are ready to stamp, seal and send!

9. Be sure to take one full set to the post office for weighing before you buy your stamps for the outer envelopes!

10. You may want to mail one to yourselves as a memento for your wedding scrapbook. I do the bride and groom’s envelope free of charge for this purpose. I guarantee when you get your own invitation in the mail you will feel all warm and fuzzy inside!