I just had to share the map from my real life couple Blair and Ryan from last week’s post Picking Your Perfect Icons. Blair and Ryan chose to put particular emphasis on the Arizona Biltmore, as it was extremely important to them that the reception is being held there. It’s an iconic Phoenix landmark and so it is placed right in the center of the map. There are lots of other fun things, we put on their college mascots, and other important places in their history of togetherness.Here’s some of what Blair had to say about her maps:” Thank you SO much for all the work you’ve put into our Save The Dates… We L-O-V-E your map. LOVE. I’m seriously all teary over here! I’m crying over a map! It is so BEYOND perfect, I don’t even know what to say! Thank you SO SO SO SO much, you just made me the happiest girl in the world!! “I’m so pleased to make a client this happy! Now I’m off to work on more maps for a while….