Gorgeous photography by Corbin Gurkin

Many times I have had clients or other wedding professionals (or even my dad) come up to me and tell me they follow my blog loyally (religiously even!) and tell me how much they love reading the posts and looking at my maps and the various eye-candy photos I like to put up for you all to see. While this is so flattering (who doesn’t love to hear this??) my reply is usually something along the lines of, “Really!? I didn’t know you follow my blog!” After discussing this with several other bloggers, I’ve found I’m not the only one to feel that way. As a reader you may not know it, but we bloggers love to hear when you are happy with what we are writing. When you like our work and you comment on it, it encourages us to keep writing. It can be somewhat discouraging when we bloggers hit up the major sites (Style Me Pretty, anyone?) and there are 50 comments! So please, if you have feedback, leave a remark and I will be ever so grateful  =)While we’re on topic, let’s address a few courtesies about commenting (on all blogs, not just ours):The comments are a great place to ask questions about the post! Like most blogs, the comments my readers leave come directly into my inbox, so if you ask a question, I will respond to you, either via email or back on the comments feature. Sometimes the blogger will even take your question if it’s a popular one and write an entire post about it, so please, ask away.The comments feature is not a place to use as free advertising for another site. On our blog, we require that all submissions be sent via email, so that we can choose who we would like to promote on our blog. If you have a suggestion, we thank you for thinking highly of exposure on our blog, but please send it via email!Please know that many blogs do moderate their comments. We are one of those blogs. We tell you in our sidebar that we reserve the right to delete any inappropriate comment, or any purely self-promotional comment.
On that note, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who does follow. Please, leave a comment (it doesn’t have to be on this post!) and have a safe and happy holiday!(The calligraphy in the above photo is Elegance Script. Photo is courtesy of Corbin Gurkin Photography.)