One of the most common questions we hear from students once they learn how to use the tools of pointed-pen calligraphy is, “what’s next?” You’ve got the basics for how everything works, but aren’t quite sure how to most quickly improve.

We offer two next-step options and they target different goals. Hopefully this breakdown clarifies between the two programs so you can best assess what’s right for you!

If you’re looking to improve your calligraphy skills overall, then our Calligraphy Practice Plan is for you.

The Calligraphy Practice plan, also known as CPP, is five to eleven weeks of dedicated, targeted drill practice to improve your pen control, fluidity and technique. It is about understanding and mastering the shapes that will ultimately make up your letters to elevate your skills overall.

There are two courses, CPP 1.0 & CPP 2.0. Each course contains different drills geared towards mastering different techniques. There is no drill cross over between the two programs. CPP 1.0 was created to help our students improve their pen control techniques – essentially learning how to make your pen/nib do what you want it to do. CPP 2.0 builds off of CPP 1.0 with more advanced exercises and applications. If you have not already taken CPP 1.0, we recommend starting there, unless you can consistently create both a fine hairline and heavy swell in all directions, you never experience your nib catching in your paper, you don’t have trouble with ink blobs or running out of ink too frequently, and you are completely comfortable trouble-shooting on your own when any issues do arise. This is a fully online program with the option to purchase pre-printed workbooks {or print your PDF download on your own at home}.

The Calligraphy Practice Plan courses are available for enrollment during limited times each year. Enrollment for our Fall 2019 round of classes is currently open through August 26.

If you’ve learned how to form each letter of your beginner alphabet {included in our starter kit OR in-person workshop}, your next step is the Beyond Beginner Guide.

The Beyond Beginner Guide builds directly off of our beginner course. Once you learn how to form each of the letters, a common misconception is that your next step is to start writing words or even addressing envelopes. This, however & unfortunately, won’t help you improve more quickly. The next step to building a cohesive alphabet is actually working on your letter consistency, and we cover this in the Beyond Beginner Guide, and then letter connections. Working through your letter groups, focusing on the aspects that make them consistent, before moving into the connections themselves, will fine tune your alphabet and elevate your work. After the letter connections, we share two flourished alphabets for you add to your portfolio as well. This is an online course + physical workbook set {instructional book + two tracing pads}.

The Beyond Beginner Guide is available for purchase anytime in our shop.

Laura & Alyssa