Want to try your hand at pointed-pen on rocks? Your nib + ink will work on a nice smooth surface {you can find a variety of rocks online here ~ the ones shown were collected by our client’s mother! ~ we recommend the ones that do not have any shiny coating}, but our simple TIP is to use an older nib since a fresh one would dull immediately once you start writing on this hard surface! You also want to avoid any pressure on your upstrokes, you should be barely grazing over the surface of the rock. If you apply any downward pressure the nib will catch and splatter ink.

For these purposes, Laura saves her used/dull nibs that would otherwise be thrown away in one of our favorite jars. They can then be easily stored in a drawer or on your shelf for use on already hard surfaces where you aren’t going to achieve a fine hairline like you would on paper.

On this set we used our preferred gold ink found here {the other inks our shop have been used on rocks as well} & a Gillott 404 nib. You can also use paint pen to do lettering styles versus pointed-pen calligraphy.

These work well for both place cards & escort cards, and if you don’t have any clients ready to get these into your schedule, you can make a few for your next family dinner or holiday as practice!

What non-medium papers have you been working on lately? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos by Anne Kim