We have been loving the response to our video tutorials now exclusively featured on Patreon. It is motivating to hear how helpful they have been, and we are excited to continue creating educational content for our Patrons. In addition to the videos we release two to three times each month, we also share mobile and desktop backgrounds featuring some of our favorite inspirational quotes. We even include a hi-res file to print at home to add to your inspo boards!

Here is a roundup of our latest videos available on Patreon:

Common post office myths

Knowing when your nib has gone dull

Himalayan Shot Glass Tutorial

Cross Drill Tutorial

How to hand deckle invitations

How to Properly Dip your Nib

Phantom Liner Tutorial

You’ll also receive downloadable PDF practice and drill sheets when applicable, so you can practice along with the tutorials or do at your own convenience.

Become a subscriber to get immediate access to these video tutorials and so much more, including the option for monthly virtual office hours and work critique submissions.

So what are you waiting for?! Head on over to Patreon and join us today!

Laura & Alyssa

p.s. once we reach 100 Patrons we will start releasing traceable sheets & video footage for a full alphabet exemplar not sold or shared anywhere else…and we’ll be letting our Patrons vote on which script it will be!