Don’t forget Laura Hooper Calligraphy for all of your bachelorette party needs ~ we’ve recently completed a few items for different bachelorette parties including a map invitation and tote bags!This group created a custom map for the bachelorette party invitation and asked guests to RSVP to receive more details at a later date – but our guess is the map includes some of the anticipated activities!

The hosts also included the wedding site itself {as indicated by the wedding cake} and the reverse includes more information {RSVP info removed for privacy}.

At another recent bachelorette party that took place in Palm Springs, the hosting ladies ordered totes for all of the guests! It was perfect for the day spent relaxing by the pool and included the names of all those celebrating with the bride-to-be. The photo used was a picture of the bride catching the bouquet at a wedding last year…the same wedding where her fiance caught the garter…I guess it was meant to be!

Let us help you make any party you are planning extra special with a personal touch.