We love experimenting with new ways to use calligraphy, and this request by Beth Helmstetter for a wedding in Hawaii was definitely something new to us!We used gold paint to calligraph Spencerian script on various mirrors used throughout the wedding day. At the ceremony, guests were welcomed with this beautifully created floor sign. Afterward, a directional sign pointed guests in the right direction for the celebration. Tied to a palm tree? Perfection!

As guests arrived at the reception, they were greeted with these beautifully hung mirrors. One for each table! Such a creative display of the seating assignments.
And of course the bride and groom had individual mirrors affixed to their seats!
The various beautiful mirrors and the special touch of calligraphy created a unique look that will not be forgotten by this happy couple or their guests! 
Photography by Steve Steinhardt. Wedding design by Beth Helmstetter.