Destination Bride and Groom

What an interesting few weeks it has been! With only a month to go until the wedding we have had some major ups and downs. Overall the planning process has been quite smooth…well, minus the whole travel agent debacle. Hiccups are bound to happen with any major event and we have been lucky enough to get through them all with minor adjustments. For example, United Airlines decided to suspend all flights into Cabo, creating a major headache for many guests. Thank goodness all was worked out and everyone is able book on a new carrier at no additional charge. Nate has been a huge help this past month and I am sure in the month ahead he will be even more so, especially with our most recent predicament.

Me and my dad before my High School Graduation (he still looks the same!)

This past weekend we had quite a curve ball thrown at us. My parents were mountain biking when a dog ran in front of them. My dad swerved off the trail, and flipped over his handle bars. The next thing I know he is in the hospital preparing for surgery. He broke his hip – a clean break all the way through. Three large screws were inserted and they expect him to be able to walk within the next few weeks. He is a strong and healthy man, and with this being his first major injury in his entire life, I believe he will have a quick recovery.

I have all the faith in the world that my dad will be walking me down the aisle. However, I am in the process of looking into our options at the resort in the off chance that he will still be using crutches, a walker or a wheelchair. Since we are having our ceremony on the beach I am looking into building a walkway over the sand or renting a wheelchair built for use in the sand. I keep joking around with him that I am very excited to decorate his walking accessory! I think that is motivating him even more to heal up sooner than later. Love you, dad!

Nate & Me 6 Years Ago in Maine

Nate & Me This Year at the California Science Center

We have had a blast putting together our Guest Book. I am so glad that Nate decided he was taking charge; I was starting to get burnt out just looking at the hundreds of pictures we needed to sort through and scan. We made a “Through the Years” photo album, from us as babies all the way through recent photos of us together. Guests can sign anywhere they would like around the cute, funny, or just plain ridiculous pictures. We had many good laughs over some of the photos, and many arguments over which pictures would make the cut!

Nate – Already loving anything having to do with horror

Amanda – In one of the many ballet pictures

My first dress alteration appointment went flawlessly. I am so excited about all the changes and additions Jeannie will be making. I decided to use the same seamstress a few of my friends have used for their weddings as opposed to going back to the bridal shop I purchased my dress from. Fingers crossed it isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg! We also found the groomsmen pants; we chose to go with a light brown linen pant to match the white short-sleeve button down shirts. My bridesmaids also picked out their shoes: orange strappy sandals to match their dresses. I find it hilarious that all of the women coming to the wedding are most excited about not having to wear heels!

Sneak peek of the Bridesmaids dresses and Groomsmen shirts

To add one more item to the ‘to do list’, we now have to write our ceremony. Last week after receiving the traditional wording for the wedding ceremony that is used at the RIU, we realized that it does not represent who we are. Nate and I have been researching different sources for ideas and inspiration, and have started to dive into writing the main ceremony and vows. It is very difficult to find the perfect words to express such a special moment in our lives.

Colored sand for use in our Sand Ceremony

Sending out an email to all our friends and family filled with important travel and timeline information is up next. We want to insure that everyone is prepared for international travel as some guests have never been out of the country before. My sister and I are also preparing a Welcome Book that everyone will receive upon arrival at the resort. It will contain specifics regarding event times, wedding party pictures and information, fun facts about Cabo San Lucas, map of the resort, attendants list, as well as a plethora of other details.

Nate and I are looking forward to getting away this weekend, just the two of us and our pups, Moxie and Chowder. We are going camping – revisiting the site where we got engaged a year ago this month. I am so looking forward to just relaxing, cooking some good food on the fire and being in the outdoors before our trip to paradise!

Lots of Love,