We have seen so many different place cards and escort cards, we could never name them all! But one thing we do know is that there is a wide range of what different couples want in terms of their escort or place cards ~ if they even want them at all (which we do recommend to avoid the awkward “one-seat-left” at a table created with uneven group numbers)!
We’ll start off with a more simple card and presentation, with a very elegant script!
{Hamlin Chocolate Brown Ink}
These were some adorable Bamboo shoots given to each guest with their table number on them ~ so creative!
{Miki and Sonja Photography}
And these place cards were decorative additions to the the table that they adorned!

Whatever idea you have for your own wedding, you can most like make it happen. We’ve written on seashells, wood, glass, tiles, leaves…almost everything!
What fun ideas do you have for your reception?