I was recently alerted to this posting on the WeddingBee Message Boards

and wanted to share it with my readers:

At my meeting with the planner and invitation artist (what do you call them? Lol.) I mentioned that I really love a map, like those couture maps on that website, and that I’d like to include one that has different places – like our first date etc. pointed out on it. It would be so cute, have you seen that website? Anyway, she said that the map isn’t at the level our invite is, I cannot include it.

I was really pleased to see everyone’s reactions to the input the wedding planner gave in the initial posting. I do agree with what everyone has said and wanted to mention that my little maps have accompanied invitations by some of the biggest and most well-known designers such as CeciNY, Bella Figuera, and so many more. If those invitations are not formal than I don’t know what is. Many of my clients tell me they are having formal events but they love the maps and see them as a way to incorporate their own personal style into an otherwise formal and traditional occasion. However, this is not everyone’s cup of tea for their wedding invitations. If you have time and have not chosen your save the dates I do recommend doing a “fun” save the date and then formal invitation in a few months. Alternatively, as someone mentioned, you can use them in your welcome bags, or send them out early with itineraries. We frequently do maps for these purposes and many, many more. With the maps the possibilities are really endless {the map in question on the original posting is the one that we made matching t-shirts for the Fun Run before the wedding!} , and my clients often come back and tell me their maps and the production process of the maps were their favorite part of their wedding! I even had a client order a map of Maui for the wedding and then come back and order one

6 months later for her new home announcements.

Lastly, I truly believe that your wedding should be about you and your fiance, and your families celebrating together and that you should do the things that you like most and reflect your own style, rather than abiding by what is traditionally considered “proper” — whether it means having 2 maid of honors and no bridesmaids, choosing bright orange and chartreuse for your wedding colors, or sending a fun map with your formal invitations!

Thank you so much to Heather at Sugar River Stationers for alerting me to this posting! Please send me the photos of the maps we did together so that I can post about them!