If you talk to anyone from Texas, they will most likely rave about what a great state it is. I’ve had first hand experience with my soon-to-be brother-in-law…who happens to be from…Fort Worth, Texas! This map isn’t my sister and her fiance’s, but it does make me think of him and I can see all the Texas charm he speaks of right here in this sweet map!

This map features the downtown Fort Worth skyline, a point of pride for any local, and also includes the famous Stockyards as well! The Trinity River runs directly through the city and leads you to the beautiful Texas Christian University – home of the fiesty Horned Frogs…take a look at that mascot!The couple used this map as their save the date indicating a formal invitation to follow. The reverse side of the map included the accommodations options for guests travelling in for the wedding.

Giving your guests this information in advance allow’s them to plan ahead in terms of flights, days off of work and, most importantly, budgets.