We’ve previously talked about how fun it can be to bring a midnight snack to your wedding guests (see March blog post), and one recommendation is the beloved burger from In-N-Out. Living in California we see them everywhere including tailgating parties, weddings, corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs – if there’s a group gathering, In-N-Out could be there. We miss these amazing burgers, though, when we leave the western states of California, Nevada, Utah or Arizona.

Well, Texas residents and brides rejoice! In-N-Out is coming to Dallas! According to The Huffington Post, the company will be building a new meat processing facility right there in the Lone Star State to ensure the continued quality of making their own burger patties. This has been a reason for not expanding beyond the range of the current facility.

You can check out more of the details on SideDish, a food-related discussion among editors at D Magazine about the Dallas-Fort Worth dining scene.
No opening date has been set, but hopefully it’ll be soon! Click here for more information on the cookout trailer serving at your event.Insider Tip: They keep their menu easy offering burger, cheeseburger and double double (two meat, two cheese). But don’t be fooled! Be sure you try the “secret menu” including grilled cheese, burgers served animal style (with grilled onions, mustard cooked patty, pickles, extra sauce) or protein style (wrapped in lettuce) and fries served animal style (sauce, cheese, onions)!