We are so pleased to share our very first World map! A lovely couple asked us to create a map of the whole world, indicating both places they have been, and also places they have yet to travel.

We were happy to create many new icons to mark the well-known monuments such as the pyramids in Egypt, the mountains of Machu Picchu, Peru, and of course the columns in Greece!

Once the icons were all placed on the map, this client went back in to have us create table numbers and inserts for their escort envelopes to go along with the map. Each table was named after a destination on the map for very exciting seating. {And, once the guests found their seats, each was greeted by one of our signature brass compass placecards, keeping right with their travel theme!}

{Our client, located in Texas, also ordered these adorable compass placecards, in addition to escort cards/inserts, map totes for the out-of-towners, a gift card box, four different cake/cupckae signs, and several huge signs to match so we’ll be sure to post the pics as soon as we get them!}

Whether you prefer our traditional custom maps, an emotional map, or a world map, there is something for everyone and nothing we won’t try!