So you have your envelopes back from the calligrapher and several stacks of invitation components ready to be stuffed and go out in the mail. It can be confusing so here is a bit of advice on how to assemble your gorgeous invitations:

Your invitation lays face up as the bottom piece.

Place tissue (if included) over the invitation.

Slip your reply card under its envelope flap (be sure to put your first class stamps on!).

It will be placed address side down so the reply card text faces up.

Layer the other inserts (reception card, map or directions, and reply set) on top of the invitation with the largest item at the bottom and smallest item on top.

Insert all pieces into inner envelope with the top of the invitation to the left side.

Turn the inner envelope over to expose your guests’ names and insert into outer envelope.

You are ready to stamp, seal and send.

It helps to make piles of these items and then start stuffing. Also, make sure you and whomever is helping you has very clean hands so as not to smudge the invitations and the calligraphed envelopes.