This just in from Aimee O’Boyle, the owner of Creative MontageUntil May 30th (midnight CST), any customers who commit to an order and pay for the design fee portion of the invitations before the midnight deadline will receive 50% off of the custom invite fees if they order letterpress invitations from us! This is HUGE and once this deal is over, its over for good and won’t be coming back. This is the first time (and the last) that Creative Montage will be offering a discount as large as this, so customers interested in letterpress invites should take advantage while it lasts!

This is a great deal for any brides out there looking for custom designed letterpress invitations for a fraction of the cost! This is ideal for mid to late summer brides and fall/winter brides {and grooms}! Ladies, this is a fabulous opportunity to get a completely custom-tailored invitation at half-the cost. For more details check out her blog post. I read it over and there is little to no fine print!