We do many maps for many couples all around the world, but there is still something special about a Maui map! We love the tropics (family trips to Hawaii and the Caribbean, vacations with friends), which probably plays into our love for these maps!

This map showcases so many of the great things that Maui has to offer – scuba, whales, sea turtles, parasailing, luaus, golfing, helicopter rides, waterfalls and pools! This save-the-date map has further information on the reverse side including the couple’s wedding website for more information.
Save-the-dates are almost essential for destination weddings so that all of your desired guests can plan accordingly, but more often than not, many couples will send them for any wedding location to ensure that all the important people in their lives can share in their joyous day! Save-the-dates are generally sent out around six months prior to the wedding date, sometimes more for destination weddings and less for local weddings.
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