Clients {and wedding guests} sometimes wonder about the difference between “Escort Cards” and “Placecards,” but it is very simple. Escort cards send your guests to their correct table, while placecards tell them which seat to sit at at the table. It is important to have assigned tables at the least so that there is a smooth transition from your ceremony to your reception, without guests wondering where they should sit or with whom. It’s also important so that there aren’t empty seats “wasted” and any given table.

These adorable cards with table numbers attached would hang nicely on a cute bulletin board, or a tree.

Escort cards can be simple or creative, such as these real sanddollars {above} that would hang in a little tree.

Often times for small weddings, escort cards are not needed if your guests are sitting at one long table. It’s easier for them to just walk around until they find their names, such as with these sanddollars for a wedding in Hawaii. {This is quite common with destination weddings}

Placecards too can be very meaningful such as the bookmark below {there was one at each seat with the guest’s name inscribed across the top edge in Copperplate Script}.

Menus {such as the one below by Nickelson’s Invitations} with belly bands are one of my favorite ways to creatively use placecards. Though not all receptions require placecards, sometimes your caterer or the venue require them. If you are confused about whether you need them, you should consult with your wedding planner.

Whatever you decide, your guests will appreciate the token to take home with them.