If you haven’t checked out the shop recently, you may not know that we have some fun, new arrivals to add to your calligraphy supplies!

So what all is new?!

There are 6 new ink colors to brighten up these remaining weeks of winter & lead us right into spring!

You can get them individually or in sets of 3 or 6.

We are also so excited to offer brand new wooden desk accessories!

If you’ve been following my journey for a while, you know that I do a lot of calligraphy work using envelopes. It can sometimes be hard to figure out where to set your envelopes to dry without cluttering up your work space. I have found a solution to this problem and I am thrilled to share with you these brand new wooden envelope drying racks! This is a great way to stay organized and prevent your envelopes or place cards from getting smudged.

Another great desk accessory we added to the shop are some wooden pen rests. This will help keep your pen off your desk, allowing your nib to stay protected and in great condition! The rests can accommodate up to 3 pen holders {straight or oblique} & can also hold pencils, pens, and other utensils on your desk top.

These wooden accessories are hand crafted by our team here in Virginia and we love knowing they are headed to happy calligraphy homes.

As always, if you need to stock up on your calligraphy supplies, head to the shop and grab your favorite pens, nibs, practice pads, and more!